Releasing Machine-Family - Escape To Mazatlan


Enjoy France

Are you planning the next conference for the team or work group? That might not be the easiest way for anyone to do, neither the easiest thing. So may I suggest that you look further away and if the budget permit, go for conferences in France? This might sound a bit strange for some to go to France for letting one be on a conference but think about it. During daytime you have conference and night time you enjoy nice meals in the southern part of France, listening to beautiful french and having a nice time with your colleagues. ...

Shoes for my kids

I just bought three pair of shoes for my children and it almost never happens, actually. I've always had shoes from their cousins and friends so we've never really had to buy shoes for them. They have many that they can inherit from, and it is fortunate. I've never had to buy some clothes for them, only underwear and socks, really. The clothes we have received has been in such good condition that we almost never have any expenses when it comes to clothes. It's just little things we buy. Like in the winter we usually buy hats and mittens.

Jobbet klart

Målet med min gymnasie utbildning är att bli snickare i stockholm. Nu går jag den sista termin på denna treåriga utbildning. Jag har precis kommit tillbaka till skolan efter åtta veckors praktik. Jag är väldigt glad och lättad över att veta att jag har jobbet klart. Sista veckan på praktiken så kallade chefen in mig till kontoret, han berättade att de var mycket nöjda med min arbetsinsatts och att de ville erbjuda mig en heltids anställning. Jag tackade genast ja, triv väldigt bra på det företaget.